About Afrolens

In 1219, a young liberal, POC, by the name of  Genghis Khan went to war against the Khwarezm Empire in what is now the bombing remnants of present day Afghanistan and Iraq. During his travels, he met a young team of Africans who spoke to him about a time in the distant future where a young woman by the name of Idilay, shall be born in a post-conflict place called, 'Soo'malia".

From there, a prophecy predicting her collaboration with a young team of Africans intent on creating a satirical space to pontificate about all political, cultural, and media happenings from the perspective of African, told through a variety of media lens (Ah! now you get it).

Irate with jealously, Khan froze this team of entrepreneurial Africans in time, setting off a chain of seismic events which undoubtedly resulted in the enslavement, colonisation, and post-conflict exploitation of their home nations. Luckily in 2016, the Anglo-Saxon uprising in Britain and the US has resulted in the rise of global temperatures; thus un-freezing our young heros.

And thereafter Afrolens was born. A dream deferred, found it's right moment in history; at the epicentre of the years before the Rapture. 

This page is also in memory of our old friend Khan, who depite our centuries old grudge, has helped reduced global warming by combating overpopulation and killing approximately 40,000,000 people. Here's the world's most renewed, dedicated, and dynamic environmentalist. 


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“If you build it, the Africans will come and troll hard”
— Aku "Aurelius" Salam
“Afrolens is like the New Yorker, if the New Yorker had an office in Mogadishu, without proper internet, and writers who didn’t write english too good.”
— white woman from Vogue Magazine
“ I came to Afrolens because one of the Editors owes me rent money, and just wanted to find their email. Turns out this is a pretty dynamic site. I’m elated about the future. Please support, so they can afford to pay me rent.”
— Adeer Muhsin Sharmarke
“Afrolens is the middle path in a complex world, dominated by SJWs and ALT right nazis. A place for the perpetual fence-sitter”.