Guide to Forming an Opinion on Fidel Castro's Death

The year 2016 continues its carnage of death and destruction of joy on earth, while shifting the course of history with the shocking news on the death of Cuba’s long-standing President Fidel Alejandro Castro. Comrade Castro, both revered as a transformative revolutionary and war monger despot, depending on who you ask (the later group, overwhelming filled with white Cubans and perpetual contrarians) has left planet earth scrambling to understand a Post-Castro world. The death of Castro has left a seismic mark on 21st century power dynamics on Earth, with many wondering who will fight imperialism now that we're all busy on Snapchat, carefully selecting a flattering flower filter.  

Now for those of you who missed the chance to formulate a stance on Castro's legacy days ago, but still unsure of where you stand on this side of history, fret no more. Afrolens has compiled a concise to help you reach a divisive and simplistic judgement on the lasting legacy of this formidable politician. We understand the importance of possessing the ability to offer reactionary opinions on contemporary news in a timely fashion, and encourage those of you still attempting to conjure up polarizing thoughts on this news to find your stance below. 

As we navigate the hex that is the year 2016, Afrolens will continue to provide you with the tools to analysis the fleeting happenings of today.