How Faysal Ali Warabe’s face encaptures life amidst an election in Somalia.

When you wonder how in the 'white privilege' hell does that failed undergrad, now posing as an ‘International Elections Advisor' earn $1000 daily to monitor your nation's elections, and he/she thinks Jubbaland is a water theme park in Lebanon

When you show up at a party in Nairobi with only western expats, and you thought you were invited because you're a witty conversationalist with superior afro-beats dance moves, and then they start firing questions about clan dynamics, dahabshiil investors, voter corruption, buyouts, and biographies on all candidates running in Somalia.....and then you notice you're the only Somali in there, and  thats when it officially clicks that you're the native informant on the guest-list.

When they know, that you know, that they've just bought their new MP seat with petro dollars and clan nepotism, but they still make you endure their badly rehearsed inspirational speech about coming back home to save minorities and cats in Somalia, their long list of imaginary credentials from schools with 'error 404' websites...and you're left bemused as to why they chose to engage you in words beyond the customary and fake 'Hellos" you usually exchange.

When you've been writing investigative articles about the newly elected Senator on an assortment of their  criminal activities, terrorist links, and murders for decades, but you gotta now call them your 'Excellency' because they're a Member of Parliament, and will kill you and make it in time to table a parliamentary motion.

When your #1 nemesis from the diaspora is now part of your election committee, and you’re wondering who showed that con-artist a map of how to get to Somalia. But you're still intrigued about how they managed to save enough money from fraudulent welfare checks for a ticket to Mogadishu.