Jacob “too Legit to Quit “Zuma survives the #454 bid to oust him.

Just a few hours ago in Johannesburg, South Africa broke the news that their immortal President Zuma survived the latest attempt to unseat his resilient behind for his laundry list of corruption charges. This time in the boxing ring was Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom,  backed by several, currently- in-hiding ministers, tabled a motion against President Zuma.

A prominent member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) was quoted as saying "This issue was debated openly, robustly and, as we said, sometimes it was very difficult for members themselves,". Afrolens obtained rare footage from the closed-door meeting, which visibly shows committee members doing dramatic readings of passages from Minister's Hanekom's motion; With some excerpts read in various Eastern-European accents to an audience of a giggling Zuma.

For years Mr. Zuma has been plagued by accusations of state-sanctioned nepotism, bribery, extortion, illegal arms deals, and buying The Weeknd's albums.

 In response to Mr. Zuma’s success, Afrolens was able to get an exclusive from Mr. Zuma on his state of mind, moments after surviving the latest attempt to hold him accountable.

B*tch, do I look like Erdogan? This ain’t Turkey, and I dare them to try me again”, Mr. Zuma confidently remarked, followed by a five-minute secession of guffaws.

Mr Zuma was elected South Africa's president back in 2009, and has since made many promises to step down in the coming century. Afrolens took this opportunity to once again ask Mr.Zuma when he plans on transitioning from politics, to which Mr. Zuma responded, “when the white man finishes the human genome project”.