"Ugandan troops serving in AMISOM to be paid salary arrears after months of monitoring their food convey routes in Somalia”

Uganda’s Head of the Defense Forces, General Edward Katumba Wamala has said the Ugandan troops serving in Somalia under the indispensable African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM ) will finally be paid their overdue salaries, effective sometime on January 2017, should the funds stay in their place and not miraculously go for inanimate walks.

After nearly spending ten intense months in Somalia without their salaries, Ugandan forces, despite the delay, were steadfast in their commitment to the peacekeeping mission in Somalia. After all, should they quit in protest, who would then take over the instrumental duties of circling the city of Mogadishu, with a look bewilderment and fear, inside armoured vehicles, while waving semi-automatic weapons in the direction of pedestrian traffic. Additionally, the forces also ensured that the food conveys meant for the AMISOM mission were able to get to their destinations in the mostly orderly and timely fashion.

"We have received Information that African Union has transferred to Bank of Uganda over US $ 4.9million, being arrears payment for our troops serving in Somalia to cover the period of January to September 2016." Gen Wamala said, while also sending well wishes to the $4.9 million dollars on its journey towards the Bank of Uganda." the General explained while sweating profusely.

 "There were delays because we got into serious discussions with the EU when they resolved to reduce the monthly allowances of the troops from US $ 1028 to US $ 828. They then later resolved to pay in Euros which caused other discussions and signing of fresh Memorandum of understanding," he explained, while shifting his eyes from side to side and instructing journalists to end the Q&A situation immediately. General Katumba also hopes his explanation of missing salaries would serve as a sufficiently believable story for those who have questions about the operational integrity of the AMISOM mission in Somalia.